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Below are some links with information in English about assistive technology (AT).

TechMatrix is a database with information about more than 300 different assistive technologies. It has a search feature that allows specified searches. 

SIAT - Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology.


A free webinar with Dr. Ian Smythe, about assistive technology.


Able Data claims to give objective information about AT.


Claro software a company producing and selling AT.


Dyslexic.com a British company selling AT


Iansyst.com a British company selling AT


its4students a British company selling AT


Mind maps: bubbl.us  and ikon are two free online resources


Reading: Read:Outloud is a text-to-speech software, PicPick is a free tool that has severel useful assets, e.g. ruler and a magnifier


Writing: Co:writer, Write:Outloud


Translate: imtranslator offers some free tools


Organize: Reminder helps you to remember

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